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HMI - Food and Beverage - Datasheet

The eTOP507MFB is an HMI product specifically designed for applications in food and beverage industry. Product design conforms to the guidelines in DIN EN 1672-2 "Food processing machinery – Safety and hygiene requirements". The stainless steel bezel is safe and resistant to the most critical conditions;  the profile allows easy cleaning. Front foil is in polyesther. Gasket is conforming to food standards. The protection degree IP69K allows for high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning. The product can be installed in food areas without any additional protection.

The eTOP507MFB features a high-brightness, contrast-enhanced ruggedized 7” TFT widescreen (16:9) display with LED backlight. The durable projected capacitive touchscreen requires the human touch, eliminating false activations, can be operated with thin gloves.

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